finally friday6 -- aren't there suppose to be 7 days in a week?

seriously, there is no way that it is Friday already. i've been on the go all week and the to-do list has very few crossed off items. THIS IS NOT OKAY! well...maybe the "on the go" part wasn't really focused on list items...maybe...well...probably not as focused as it should have been...

i mean, sunday was completely dedicated to watching football. and i did run away to shop with my girlfriends on Monday. then girl1 wanted to run away to Disneyland on Tuesday . Wednesday I actually did laundry and some paperwork and yesterday I somehow ended up at the mall again. so maybe there were the regular number of days this week, but i just missed them because i was out having too much fun. (i typed this entire paragraph without punctuation but i'll probably fix it before you get to read it...just fyi)

today i woke up with such a sense of urgency and a terrible case of clutziness. and just so you know, those two do not play well together. i tripped while doing the wii fit step routine; i spilled coffee all over the couch; i dropped the laundry detergent so it spilled all over the washroom; i broke a glass while rinsing it; etc...etc...etc...

on the "must be finished today" list: mop floors; finish logging in those stupid receipts; laundry (the never-ending chore); and bake cookies (yes, cookies are a must today -- just cuz).

less than a week until vacation. woohoo!


  1. Bake the cookies first. Then have a few. The rest of the stuff will seem far less important :-)

  2. womans work is never done and goes on and on

  3. Shush you. This week was quite long enough, thankyou.
    I agree - cookies first.

  4. Cookies... the answer to everyday's tough questions.

  5. i opted for a chocolate mint pie instead....but it works. =D