i got nothing


great day of football yesterday. and the interesting fact that, for the third time, i have booked a cruise over super bowl sunday. and, for the third time, the steelers have made it to the super bowl when i'm cruising. considering that i book vacations at least 6 months in advance, i think the steelers should be paying to send me on cruises. and, yes, i will give up sitting by the pool to watch the game.


laughing at the uproar surrounding the Burger King/Facebook promotion. it was a stupid promotion but not a newsworthy story. and, on a side note, none of my friends deleted me to get their whopper...woohoo! lol

why are you still reading?......i got nothin'........

Guido is attacking his dogfood again. He takes one piece from the bowl --carries it to the carpet by the front door -- and then kills it. seriously, growling - biting - throwing it - makes sure it's not moving -- pounces on it again - for about 2 minutes and then eats it. then he goes and eats the rest of the food from the bowl. everytime. he won't eat until he has "killed" one piece. stupid dog.

and one more nothing before i leave.....

it's only suppose to be 78 here today. that's our "cooling" trend. hahahahahahaha a chance of rain by wednesday night -- a whopping 1/4" -- we'll be on "storm watch" again. gotta love it!


  1. I thought you would appreciate that I went surfing yeterday and got a sunburn on my back and nose. However I also almost died of hypothermia from the freezingness of the water. Welcome to California

  2. Your "nothing" was really "something"!

    -Enjoyed your post.

  3. ... on the subject of Guido, one of my Westies Molly has to turn round three times before she will eat her food. No training necessary, just a natural quirk!