finally friday7 - the one where someone sings at RENT

time for another wrap up the week and toss it out, so we can enjoy the weekend. here's the day for me. i've been pretty focused this week so most of my "to do" list is actually completed. (yes, it does occasionally happen)

1. reconcile the credit charges with the tax records's a stupid process but i can't get my husband to use one credit card for the business and one for his personal life so i have to separate the charges each month. i gave up trying to "fix" him a looooonnnnnnggggg time ago. it's easier to just spend an hour a month doing paperwork. *grin*

2. pay the bills (actually there's only one due this week) --that should take a whole 2-3 minutes.

3. do laundry. i thought i did this one already but 3 of the 4 baskets are full. either i forgot (highly unlikely) or the family cleaned their rooms and found all the towels that they had been hoarding. or the homeless people who sometimes break into our 5th wheel to sleep on cold nights want me to do their laundry. i'm really not sure where the piles are from.

4. finish weeding the garden. i have 3 more beds to do and planting should begin next week. woohoo! spring time.

i should be done by noon. hahahahahahahaha other, less responsible, areas of my brain:

my theatre friends and I have come up with a plan to deal with the obnoxious audience members who sing during live theatre performances. we're going to make business cards for a talent agency where we are agents, producers, owners, etc and give the cards to the "talented" singers. we'll gush about how we love the tone of their voice and how their look is just what everyone wants right now. we'll also explain how our receptionist is sometimes overly protective of our time and encourage them to insist that she put their call through to us. Do NOT take "no" for an answer. The number will be of an actual agency. and while we'll never know the outcome, just the thought of them making that phone call will be enough to keep us from punching them in the face during the show.

Tatiana is GONE! i didn't get to watch Idol last night, but my kids filled me when I came home.


the Cowboys released TO. while i can appreciate his talent as a receiver, i CANNOT appreciate anything else about him. his attitude tears apart every team he joins so i'm sure Dallas will be better off in the long run.

that's it.....i'm off to be productive so the weekend can be guilt-free. have a great one!


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend! I will be laying around, in my SNuggie.

  2. good to know about Tatiana...I missed it. I think the business cards would be a hoot. Let me get this Mine is under about 2 feet of snow right now.

  3. Stopping by from BSU! You've got yourself a busy weekend planned.

    Anyway.... saw on your sidebar that you like Disneyland. I feel the same way about the place. Saying hello rather than just stalk!

  4. Hope that weekend includes some ME time for you to do something fun. Got a similar chore-filled one ahead of me too...beginning with HS baseball tourney concession stand duty in about 30 mins. Gark.

  5. I LOVE the business card idea! Bwahahahahaha!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Loved the post....especially the part about TO. I taught the boy in high school...and let me tell you....he was just as attitudinal when he was in high school as he is now. He was never the best of the players that year....but he had friends who made him look good. Anyway...enough on TO. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. Hi! Thanks for coming to my blog!
    You had a full week here. Have a relaxing weekend!