this is why i don't start projects....they keep getting bigger and bigger. we started with just the bathroom and then added the area by the closets and that led to the entire master bedroom. well, since the tile guy was going to be here anyways, we added the entry way tile and that led to the entry way light......it's getting scary.

so this morning, we accomplished this:

old light (circa 1986)

new light (circa today):

grouting the tile today...woohoo!


  1. Oooh, I LOVE the new light, Jill, it's beauteous! Just what I would choose for my house! :)

  2. LOVE the new light! I really want to get started on our updating now!

    psst..more prizes being added Monday in the Monster giveaway!

  3. it's on clearance at home depot....and i got an extra 10% off because it was the display and they left the expensive light bulbs in it....love saving $$$$

  4. Love the new light. Looks like a fancy hooter. And now you'll never look at it again without thinking "hooter".

    You're welcome!

  5. Love it! Little things like lighting can make a huge different. That's one of the first things we changed when we moved into our condo.

  6. Grout! Just the mere sound of the word sets my world on fire!

    No, really. I like grout. It's one of the few tasks I can perform, handyman-wise, wherein I have some confidence and know that I won't make things immeasurably worse than they were before I began.