making progress

here's what our room looks like today:

yesterday my girlfriend asked me to join her for her birthday celebration. we went to see a taping of the Bonnie Hunt show. It will be shown on Tuesday. Dinner at a great steak and seafood restaurant. total blast and a great day away from the clutter in the house. Happy Birthday Debbie! great party!!! lol

welcome to friends from Collective Thoughts -- i'll stop by to visit as soon as the remodeling allows me. make sure to leave a message so i know where to find you. =D

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I tape Bonnie Hunt all the time. what were you wearing? lol

  2. facing the stage, we're in the 3rd row, far right side of the audience(farthest from the band).....1 is in teal and the other 3 are wearing brown shirts (we didn't plan it).

  3. I love going to TV shows. My favorite was Conan.

  4. Your floor looks divine....can't wait to see the rest!

    I've never been to a show taping, but we had been wanting to do Leno for years, then he quit--blargh! Bonnie Hunt was good eh?

    Thanks for the shout out to my readers. Hope you get some new ones out of it! Love your blog, girl!