quik update

since i'm waiting for boy2 to get home from the beach, thought i'd take a second to say "hi!" i'm missing having time to read all your blogs (trying to catch a few here and there). last 3 days have been spent demolishing the master bed and bath, in preparation for paint and new flooring. there was WAY more repair work in the bath then we anticipated.

we spent this afternoon painting and still have 3 walls left -- of course, they are the ones requiring the most taping and detail work. I'll do them tomorrow while the contractor starts on the entry way. I haven't found the tile for it yet, but he has at least a day of work just removing the current flooring there.

The master suite is shades of green and i like 2/3 of the colors. hehehe i think the medium shade should probably be a tan but hubby1 says to live with the green and we'll change it in a few months (years) if it still bothers me.

anyways...we've been promised that all work will be done in no more than 7 days, so life should be back to our definition of normal in about 9.

have a great week.....i'll try to drop by but i'm not promising anything. =D


  1. Good luck with the construction! I hope none of your furniture got stuck in the rain? Its such an upheaval to remodel, but in the end it will be so pretty!

    Thank-you for your kind words on my blog. It truly helped me.

  2. I can't wait to see the pics! Have a good week!

  3. We are getting ready to do this same thing! I am
    dreading the bathroom remodel, but my father is a custom home builder so at least I know it will get done right! lol! If my hubs were involved, it would be unfinished for years!

    Good luck in my giveaway! Thanks for supporting me! Big hugs!

  4. Hope all the work goes smoothly and finishes on time.

  5. You never have to promise me anything! I do want to see the pictures when it's done, though.

  6. Man I sooo know that feeling of demolishing and rebuilding a bathroom. We did it a few years ago....I hope you post pics of all the work you did! I love befores and afters!

    See ya when you get back! :)

  7. Exciting stuff! I love new!
    Can't wait to see the pictures.
    There WILL be pictures, right?

  8. Hey---just wanted to let you know that I'm featuring your blog tomorrow as one of my "Friday's Features". Hope that's ok! :)

  9. Ok *puts on dunce hat*....I mean FRIDAY....I'll be featuring you on FRIDAY, LOL. I've lost a day somewhere! Have an awesome week!