we're all in this together

Yep...we're shooting another High School Musical production. This time it's High School Musical2. This company is our favorite to shoot. The kids are, for the most part) friendly and respectful. The director and parents really want us there and are clear about times, dates and what kind of pictures they want. Such a change from the last couple of shoots.

I still have about 1800 images to review but we have a week to have proofs ready ...unlike the last show with a 24 hour turnaround requirement.

Couple of raw images from last night:

Ryan losing his patience with Sharpay and her diva ways.

Sharpay doing what Sharpay does.

in other news, Paula Abdul has finally admitted that she was addicted to pain meds until this past Thanksgiving, but still claims that she was never under the influence during any American Idol shows. I'm sorry for her struggle with addiction and for the pain that she has been in, but it just rubs me wrong that she thinks the public is so stupid that we can't tell if someone is wasted.
Best comment regarding her this morning? someone stated that she was a hero and @aplusk responded: "like batman, but a girl...on pain killers dancing with an animated cheetah."
off to work on pics.....and to try to stay cool....100 degrees?!.....ugh!..
have a great one!


  1. I completely agree about Paula. It was very obvious that she was jacked up on something. It really is insulting to think she doesn't think that we could see that!

  2. Paula's fifteen minutes of fame ended halfway through the song "Cold-Hearted Snake". She's the entertainment world equivalent of a slum that needs renovation. Or better yet, demolition.

  3. Normally Paula Abdul drives me batty, but this year I think she's had some, dare I say, constructive advice for the American Idol contestants. I'd like to see her continue on this route.

    I figured you were the Murrieta person, but had to be sure.

    WHile my rant probably would have made you smile, it just made me more and more angry! It was about how people seem to think it's bad to look on the bright side, or choose to look for the good in a situation. I'm sure you know me well enough to fill in the blanks with my catch phrases *wink*

  4. Wow - 100 degrees already? It's 86 here today and I'm already dreading the humidity of summer in the South. (Even though it is my favorite time of year... just wish it wasn't quite so sweltering ALL the time.)
    Anyway - have fun the High School Musical 2 - sounds like a good time!! :)

  5. Paula was on drugs? I would have never guessed. Yeah right! Nice pics.