finally friday10 - the one where celebrities act stupid

yes, another "wrap it up and get it out of my head, so i can enjoy the weekend" post. i can't believe it's Friday already. it's been one of those weeks where the days have just blended together to become a blur.

so...this week we had a photoshoot for our favorite company. next week will be spent putting together their proof books and selling pictures. hopefully, this job will pay for tiling the entryway.

hubby is in a shark tournament this weekend, so we haven't seen him at all. he's been trading out the lobster equipment on the boat to shark hunting gear. i'm not sure what that really means and i'm not sure i want to know.

boy1 and girl1 are finishing up their last semester at the junior college. boy2 is finishing up is last year of high school. yep, we have 3 graduates this year. woohoo! with boy2's graduation, our homeschooling years will come to an end. not sure how i feel about that.....

this week Paula Abdul started her publicity campaign for her new cd. she "sang" and "danced" on Idol and confessed her addiction to pain meds. ya'll know how i feel about her. 'nuff said.

and then there's Manny. being a SoCal girl, I should probably care more about how this all affects the Dodgers. I don't. I think they paid too much for someone who has been demonstrating strange behavior and they knew what they were getting. If they didn't know, then they are just stupid.

If I hear one more person say "poor Manny," I'm going to punch them in the face. Manny is far from poor. He knew exactly what he was doing. He got caught. Deal with it. I am thankful to him for the conversations about drugs and steroids that I have had with young athletes because of his choice of banned substance. Young men seem particularly upset by some of the steroid side effects that he was trying to remedy.

and then there's the Santa Barbara wildfire.. this one is bad....really bad. My heart goes out to the people in that area. The terrain is horrendous for fighting fires...and it hasn't burned for awhile. Thousands of people displaced....hundreds of homes damaged or destroyed....firefighters severely burned....sad day....

i really need a disneyland day....maybe this evening...

i really want to see Star Trek and The Soloist...

hmmmmmm....decisions, decisions...

have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, 3 grads this year?? I have one grad, and I'm actually ok with most of our hsing years behind us. However, I do have 7 more years to go after this. ;)

    I think we're going to see Star Trek today--I hope! I'll keep the spoilers to myself just in case you don't go today too.

    Gosh, I'm totally out of the loop with the news thanks to too many hours at my sewing machine! I guess I'll have to watch sometime soon. So sad about the wildfires...the

    Go get that Disneyland day! You've had a long week!

  2. I definitely want to see Start Trek. And a shark competition?

  3. We are so wanting to do Disney with the kiddos. Maybe this winter. Who knows. They are all at a great age. Is there any age that is not good for Disney?
    I was brought up sitting diligently in Dodger stadium and still bleed that Dodger blue, but like you I can not find any sympathy for Manny. Bad choice Manny.
    It sounds like whatever you choose tonight will be fun!

  4. About time one of those Red Sox got caught.

    Soloist is really good, Jill. Not quite what I expected, but Jamie Foxx is outstanding.