another "fly by" blog

nothing exciting here.....just busy with every day life stuff. tomorrow i go to my ortho consultation. yep, i'm 46 and I'm getting braces.

girl1 is home. a couple of quick shots from her trip.
can't tell you how many zoos and wild animal parks i've been to in my life and i've never seen this.

i love the second one - it just catches the essence of girl1...jeans, hoodie, hair in ponytail and camera in hand....that's her.

boy1 spent the day applying for college loans. it was daunting to see those numbers, but he's excited to start a new chapter in his life.

not much else happening....trying to stay cool without resorting to running the a/c all day. sooooo thankful for a nice pool.


  1. Love the pictures! Looks like she is very much in her element.

  2. She looks very happy! What great photos!

  3. 46 and braces. I can dig it. I just came from the dentist for a re-fitting of my lower prosthesis (implants.) I'm 52 and still trying to get that perfect smile :-)

    Hey! There it is at the end of that sentence!

  4. well its true what they say it's never too late to get braces, i know someone who was i think 50+ can't remember but she got braces!!

    love your blog i'll be back to check out your older stuff!