never too busy to skip a disney day

can't believe how much stuff happens in june....CRAZY!!!! anyhoos, i've been managing to read most of your blogs and i've found that if i don't take time to write comments, i can almost keep up with, you guys write
I did manage to meet up with some friends at Disney's California Adventure to see the Electric Light Parade on Monday. I'm glad that they bring it back for limited runs. here are some pics and then i'm off to try to catch up around the house. girl1 comes home tomorrow!!! (LAX at 7am...what was she thinking?!)
This is the "bear" at California Adventure. Depending on the angle, it looks like a puppy or a wolf also....pretty much a "fail" on Disney's part.
we ran across the plaza to Disneyland and visited what used to be Tom Sawyer's island (it's Pirate's Lair now) to let the little one run around a bit.
Massive amounts of construction at California Adventure. Those walls will be there until at least next spring. They are completely redoing the park to make it more Disney-like.
And then the parade! I think they should bring back the full version and take it back to Disneyland. The recent parades over there have been really boring.

I love this cheesy parade and it's annoying soundtrack too. And pretty much everyone who was crammed into our little viewing area felt the same way.
best description from the crowd? "this is charming." I agree...and we need more "charming" in the world.


  1. Yeah, I was at California Adventure recently and it basically looked like a construction site. Other than the roller coaster, "Soarin' Over California" and the Tower of Terror, it's fairly blah.

  2. Your pics are always great! And do you realize you are THE ONLY other reader who said they choose stilettos over sneakers (on my little quiz)?!

    We are alone in blog world, wearing stilettos. YOU are my new best friend!

  3. I'm glad they are doing CA Adventure more like Disney! It was too "grown up" for my taste....when I go to Disney, I want little kid stuff!

    I love the cheesy soundtrack to the electrical parade too. I'm going out on a limb sharing this in blogworld, but I get chills when I hear the announcement of the parade. I LOVE that part! Such a precious memory for me, I still get excited and NEVER miss the parade if I can help it. :D

  4. Aw, I'm sorry to hear it's not "Tom Sawyer's Island" anymore. That was one of my favorite places when I was there as a kid, having read and loved the Twain books.