art? or vandalism?

have you seen the barrel monster?

he looks like this:

a college student stole the barrels; turned them into what he calls art and returned them to the side of the road. the police did not appreciate his creativity and are charging him with several crimes. there are now 3 facebook groups and several people who think the charges should be dropped because he created something cool. even the barrel company wants him to recreate the monster for their office.
yep....these are the lessons i want my kids to learn. stealing is only bad sometimes. vandalism is okay if the end result is something cool. go ahead....tag that bridge.
btw: i think he's talented and it's a fun monster....but we're losing focus here. it's along the lines of legal immigration and illegal immigration....and ya'll know how i feel about that issue. lol


  1. Ha ha--while I absolutely LOVE the barrel monster, you make a great point about the example our kids are getting. I think the kid should be punished in whatever way is fair, THEN he should go to the barrel yard and make the monster, where people can enjoy him legally. :)

  2. I think it is awesome. they need to take the time and chase real bad guys for goodness sakes.
    Even the barrel company appreciates the creation. It is definitely creative.

  3. Wow, I'm kinda on the fence on this one. I think it should be up to the barrel company as to whether or not to press charges, but you don't want to send the message that vandalism and theft are okay as long as you're creative about it.

    Tough call, but I tend to think there should be some punishment . . . after all, he could've gone about this whole thing differently.

    The monster is pretty cool, though.

  4. Absolutely correct. I abhor vandalism in the name of art. I would see all graffiti "artists" put on chain gangs. Seriously.

  5. Yeah, I think the barrel monster is pretty ingenious, but if there's money involved (as far as what those barrels cost) that part should be dealt with.