happy father's day! and other stuff....

hubby1 hurt his back on thursday, so here's how he is spending Father's day. He's "watching" the ballgame.

boy2 sold his firebird and bought this cute little all-wheel drive wagon. Firebirds are not good snowboard transporting vehicles.
girl1 is in Australia. She was suppose to be visiting a couple of friends but she was there 5 days before they had time to see her, so she's been doing the tourist thing by herself. I think it's awesome that she didn't just sit around waiting for them (although i am a little disappointed that 2 "gentlemen" would let her explore a strange town alone).
here she is at the Sidney tower:

she thought the electronic restrictions on the plane were interesting. Her question was "what do they have against Furby?"......I love her quirky humor.

and boy1 is in Nashville for school orientation until tuesday. He also took the time this morning to go make some contacts at the electronics store there, in the hope that he could just transfer when school starts. He just called and he starts September 1st! What a huge relief for him!
have a wonderful day!


  1. Well, Furbies are evil. I'm pretty sure they were invented by Mario Lopez.

  2. Hope hubby1 feels better soon. Glad all else is well with you/yours.

  3. No FURBY? That seems a little over-restrictive to me. As long as I can play my Simon, it's cool.

  4. Heee.....looks like your dh was more like "watching eyelids" than watching the game!

    That's hilarious...furby? Poor guy!

  5. Hubby looks like he spent Father's Day just like every other father out there. Good for him. Hope he gets well soon.