typical "quick" errand

Boy2 bought a car Monday night. We always have the kids' cars checked out by a mechanic. Our mechanic is about an hour away, but a great mechanic is worth the drive.
So yesterday, hubby1 suggested that we drop the car off and then head to Disneyland for a couple of hours. I'm always up for a Disney date, so off we went.

Traffic was SoCal style so it took almost 2 hours to get to the mechanic. Then, as we were approaching Disneyland, we started seeing signs directing us to turn right to get to the parking for the resort. Problem? The parking structures are to the left. We were being directed to the convention center parking lot, which doesn't have tram service and is about 1.5 miles from the resort.

I quickly checked my disneyland twitter feeds and discovered that people were being turned away from disneyland and directed into california adventure. now, you all know that i LOVE disneyland but you couldn't have paid me to join in that.

so we went to taco tuesday at el torrito and then saw "UP!" good times.....


  1. I wish I lived that close to Disney. I can't imagine just popping by for a few hours! How much fun!!

  2. Why was the Magic Kingdom closed?

  3. So, was is just because it was too crowded?

  4. there were just too many people...so they divert them to california adventure with no guarantee of getting into disneyland later.

  5. Up was WONDERFUL! Way better than lines and heat and THAT many people! :)