got alot of living to do.....

Last week was crazy, busy, hectic, messy, dusty, funny, exhausting, exciting, bittersweet, joyful, overscheduled, stressful and pretty darn amazing!

quick recap:
tile guy here from friday until wednesday night to redo the entryway, the baseboards, patch drywall and fix transitions from the hallways into the bedrooms. he's awesome! fantastic work and meticulous about the finished product.

monday, my niece graduated from high school
thursday, a friend arrived from the midwest to celebrate her 50th birthday with us at disneyland and boy1 and girl1's graduation ceremony/dinner.
friday, i went to disneyland with my friends.
saturday, take friend to airport in the morning and grad party in the evening.

and today, i'm awake but in a borderline vegetative state.
here are some pics of all the fun:

(sooooooo crowded but sooo much fun)

after 14 hours at the happiest place on earth....
we were EXHAUSTED! lol

tile work:

(boy2 documented the event with over 400 of all the folks around us; pics of us texting the grads; pics of the trash in the stadium; pics of all the balloons that escaped; pics of cars in the parking structure; etc etc etc....i won't share them all)
i love this pic....
posing pretty, being wacky, and making the doofus face.

2 college grads and a high school grad. woohoo!

it says "$20 if you fall down the ramp"


  1. So, do you guys have season passes to Disney? If we come for Christmas, you should meet us!

  2. that would be fun! some of us have passes and some of us have friends that will sign us for free.

  3. Ooo, congrats all around! Sounds like today's "tired" was well worth the weekend festivities. (Better than yard and house work, fer shure.) :)

  4. Huh. Was just at another blogger who said she was hitting Disney. Glad you had a good time. I haven't been there in over 40 years. Honest. I was 10 the last time :-(