in search of healthier me

like so many other people, i struggle to meet my goals of being healthy. i get bored with exercise routines and tend to stop them after a couple of months. but i'm happy to say that since january,
i've managed to lose about 14 pounds; but, more importantly, i've managed to tone up some of those flabby areas.

here's what's working for me. i use the personal coach for the DS....i like the pedometer and keeping track of all my activities. i've cut sodas pretty much out of my diet. refuse to eat a meal that consists of just "white" foods. limit my desserts to one night a week. and choose to walk to the bank and post office which are only a mile away.

Been using the wii fit since January. averaging about 3 times a week. i do free weights on the off days. will admit that the cardio activities are pretty boring, but i like the yoga and balance stuff.

this silly little game kicks my butt. i'll never be able to finish the challenges because many of them require jumping. i can jump, but my knee collapses on the landings (this does take the fun out of the jumping games). but i've managed to adapt some of the activities and am guaranteed a full cardio workout whenever i play.

we just bought this. i did the first day of the 30 day challenge this morning.....on the easiest level based on the advice of friends who pushed themselves and regretted it. it was seriously a perfect workout. not too hard, but hard enough that i worked up a good sweat and felt FANTASTIC when finished.

anyone else seeking to improve your health? what's working for you?


  1. I want a Wii Fit! I don't have a Wii, though, so I guess I need one of those first...
    Sounds like a fun way to get in shape :)

  2. Yeah, with summer coming (or here, even) I'm back on the diet and exercise regimen. I've mostly eliminated fat and carbs, and replaced my sodas with water (the Aquafina flavored waters are calories, no carbs, nothin' and they taste great), and go to the gym 3-4 times a week.

    Gettin' there!

  3. Walking, walking, walking, walking. It keeps me sane, too. Though it's been harder lately with this stupid plantar fasciitis mess I have... I want to cut my foot off, I swear!