fly-by blogging 2.1323.4337.9

too much stuff in real life for true blogging but here's a recap of my day via my twitter feed (start at the bottom cuz i don't have time to flip the order):

background on today's total waste of time--we did a photoshoot for a summer theatre festival. 2 shows, back-to-back, with headshots inbetween, 90ish kids, 75ish stage moms. we shot on tuesday....proofs scheduled to be at the theater on thursday morning. yea...didn't happen.

we were having trouble finding a kiosk that would let us print wallets (1 of each image per page/not 4 of the same image). we ended up at walmart (you know..the store i've been boycotting for a couple years now...yea....not a good thing). the photo clerk was obnoxious....the 2nd machine broke...wanted to charge us for the pics that were ragged around the edges. we had to print 600 4x6 prints on one machine. it took 3.5 hours. she was angry that i was hogging the machine, but she refused to put paper in the other one for people.

anyways....i was bored and had made the mistake of wearing a blue shirt. customers kept asking me for help. the clerk was visiting with her friend in another department. here's how i kept myself entertained:

i think thursday must be on vacation and monday is filling in this week.....

And I'm finished. So much for the productive day around the house.

@amberrated Target changed their printing kiosks and we need these prints this morning. The only one with the right program is walmart in reply to amberrated

She really should stop talking to her friend. "can you help me with a camera?". Me: "nope I'm busy. As I continue to lean on machine."

.....that video camera is $80 cheaper at officemax this week buy offers a much longer warranty on that camera.

And I'm an idiot and wore a blue shirt. Since photo lady won't stay here, I'm giving "great" cust service. "Target prints are cheaper."

Can't believe I'm breaking my walmart boycott for this. My conscience hurts.

boy1 leaves for tennessee on wednesday morning. big grad/going away party here on saturday. spent my scheduled cleaning day playing stupid picture games. yep....tomorrow will be fun. =D


  1. Sorry about having to shop at Walmart. I feel your pain.

  2. ROFL! I can just see you in Walmart posing as an "associate", LOL. You're a riot!

    Sorry you had to break your boycott tho, I know that "my conscience hurts" feeling.

  3. Our Walmart is really ghetto. Hope yours is better.

  4. I hate it when I have to suck it up and go to Walmart! Yikes! I'm with Kristina P...I feel your pain...

  5. i've boycotted walmart for more than 2 years...ever since an associate referred to me as a b***h and the manager said that i "must have misunderstood what she said."