a new season

boy1 left this morning....his room is empty....his assigned spot on the driveway is available....sometimes being a mom sucks...

yes, i cried ( i knew i would) and then i had In-n-Out animal style fries and one of their fantastic chocolate shakes and then i cried some more and then my sweet child texted me some funny stuff from the road and everything was suddenly better.

so, please say a prayer for him as he drives his 97 astro van across the country to tennessee. he had the mechanic look at it on monday and they discovered that the water pump was leaking. we were thankful to have found it before he tried to cross the desert.

we're excited for this new time in his (and our lives), it's just gonna take a little getting used to.


  1. May he travel with a guardian angel that will look over him when his mom can't.

  2. Awww, it's bittersweet isn't it? (((hugs)))

    Praying for boy1's safety in his travels. :)

  3. Me again. Sorry to be stalker-ish today with the comments, but OHHHHHH! I can't stand it. Tell me its still awhile before my babies go to college! Man.