houston..we have a dress

Last night, girl1, her moh(maid of honor)and I went to look at wedding dresses.   Seriously, we just went to look at them and have her try on a few to see what style(s) she likes. 

We were there 3 hours.  We basically played Barbie doll. She tried on princess dresses, strapless dresses, poofy dresses, straight dresses, sleeveless dresses and then....

she tried on an off-the-shoulder dress that has a 40's look to it and everyone in the shop said "oh!"

Her dress will be here in 12 weeks.  

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  1. i can't post pics cuz i'm not sure who reads this and she doesn't want her fiance to see the dress.

  2. Wow! Crazy! I'm so excited to see the dress! I have recently become obsessed with birdcage veils as well! So are they like getting married quick? Haha!

  3. not til june....gotta finish this semester of college.

  4. Congrats to your daughter. I know she must be excited!

  5. Can't wait to see the pics! Congrats to mom and bride.