welcome to fall...southern california style

The Santa Ana winds be a blowin' today.    Winnie the Pooh's blustery day's got nothing on us.   We'll be pulling lawn chairs and other assorted  crap out of the pool tomorrow.    Yesterday it was a fallish 76 degrees and today they are forcasting mid 90's.   

And the thing that truly sucks about the winds (besides the huge fire danger)?   We live on the corner lot...the one where all the leaves for the entire street will end up.   And they're not even pretty colored leaves....just brown icky leaves.  *le sigh*

whatever..I'll deal with the clean up on Saturday cuz I've got a date with Mickey tomorrow!  lol


  1. Oh...don't tell me that! Going to see Mickey?! *sigh* I wanna go!

  2. *this is my last fall here, this is my last fall here, this is my last fall here* It would be nice if it stayed 70 for just a few days... *le sigh*

    oh and yeah, I thought about tights after I was at work. Of course I should have done a mirror check, but um, I was running late.