finally friday14 - the one where i'm not here

that's right....i'm not even here...hahahaha

i'm at disneyland this morning helping a friend celebrate her birthday.  this evening, a different friend meeting me at the parks to celebrate it being Friday (we don't really have to look too hard to find a reason to go to disneyland...mondays, tuesdays, new hair cut...they all work).

this week in a quick recap:
ordered girl1's wedding dress and ya'll have to wait til june to see it.   sorry...she really wants the groom to be surprised.  

puppies have pretty much chewed up everything in their kennel.  time to move out them out to the big dog yard.  

pittsburgh lost....again...kinda embarrassing to have the same record as the raiders. 

and that's about it!   don't forget about the contest/giveaway at Thumper Awards.   winners to be announced on monday.


  1. Have fun! (duh)

    BTW, this is my favorite of your headers so far. Great snowscape.

  2. thanks, knucklehead. that pic makes me miss the snow.