time for a list

things i love about fall:
10.  snuggling under the poofy comforter
9.   sweaters
8.  baking cookies to warm up the house
7.  scarves
6.  crisp breezes
5.  leaves changing colors
4.  pumpkin spice coffee
3.  fires in the fireplace
2.  pumpkin spice candles
and the number one reason i love fall?
1.  FOOTBALL!!!!!!!


  1. Yeah for football! I'm a fan of the Patriots...could be I'm from MA! Next it's wherever the Manning boys are playing!

    College football is the Gators.

    Who's your favorite?

  2. You didn't put chocolate down. LOL

    Never had pumpkin spice coffee...hmm. Sounds nice.

  3. Don't forget the pumpkin spice Kisses. Yum!

  4. @donna this family is a steeler family. boy1 went through a very short-lived dolphin phase. we fixed it.

    @parsley chocolate is not seasonal. it's a 365 days favorite. lol

    @jane! so glad you're back! i hadn't heard of pumpkin spice kisses....on my way to the store now.