Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

It's Thanksgiving!--which is becoming one of my favorite holidays.   You get all the fun times with family and friends without the pressure of finding a perfect gift....how great is that?!   Although, you don't get all the cool Christmas movies and the fun of creating the perfect Christmas tree.

anyhoos... here's the "oh so original list of things i'm thankful for"....

1.   family

2.  God

3.  funny, uber cute puppies

4.  Disneyland

5.  friends who understand the Disney thing

6.  friends who don't quite understand the Disney thing but love me anyways

7.  great music sang by great vocalists

8.  finding banking errors in my favor

9.  wide open roads and a hot convertible

10.  evenings with a great book, wrapped in a poofy blanket, and a fantastic cup of coffee

not very deep....but it is the simple things that make life sweet.....


  1. I like your list! Numbers 1-5 I really get!

    If we make it back to Disneyland, wanna ride a couple of rides with us? LOL

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. i am always up for hanging at disneyland with new friends....just let me know date/time.... =D

  3. He he, Jill---Parsley is looking for Disney pals! If we can swing it we'll meet up with you guys too! Twould be really fun!

    Love the list, btw. :D