thanksgiving recap

Spent Thanksgiving with hubby1's family.   Thanksgiving day was filled with great food and a wild round of "house rules" pictionary.   The guys spent most of the day blowing up gophers with the a home built device that seriously blows up gopher tunnels. It's scary but works great.  As always, it rained on us on's tradition.  Friday night was a quick run to the mall and dinnner at On the Border....good times.

But the best part of the whole weekend was the girls deciding we should take girl1 on a trip before she gets married.   So we sat down to figure out what would be the most fun.  It didn't take too long.  Here's what we will be doing in only 57 days:

Yep,  we be cruisin'!   heading to Mexico for 7 days....for about $600 per person.  woohoo for Travelocity!

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