a sincere apology...

if by "sincere," you mean "sarcastic, couldn't possibly care less about your stupid opinion" apology.

here goes:

Dear anonymous reader (you know who you are),
I am truly sorry if my "Un-Thanksgiving" post caused you to think that I am an ungrateful, self-centered person.   It was obviously a very weak attempt at humor and I promise that I will never write anything so controversial again.  Please do not stop stalking  reading my blog....you would be greatly missed.
with large amounts of remorse,

p.s.  #10 could easily be applied to you and your stupid emails...just sayin'

p.p.s   thanks for messing up my weekly schedule...today was suppose to be the thanksgiving post, but now everyone will have to wait until tomorrow.  yep...you have all the power.


  1. I've had some anonymous comments in the past that ruffled my fur too. Just hit delete. It's not worth the bother.

    Blogs are a place to vent, keep memories, etc. You are allowed to type whatever you want, in whatever tone you want. It's not required reading for anyone so they should just move on.

  2. Geez, how annoying. Sorry that happened, Jill. I'm not sure why people don't just move on when they don't like a post.

  3. Ever notice it's the anonymous people that are the most disrespectful? I never understood why people who highly disagree with what I write, keep showing up to read and complain about it?

    They are the ones that obviously need to get a life...

  4. I don't allow anonymous comments. For reasons like this.

  5. it didn't upset me...i found it funny. makes for easy blog material the next day...lol

  6. Either people get your humor or they don't. Have a happy/unhappy thanksgiving!!! :O)

  7. Pfffftttt. I'm with you... I find those people funny (and a little pitiful, too). And they make for funny posts, too. Moron. The commenter, not you. You're funny. And not a moron.

  8. obviously anonymous must have had nothing better to do with their time than to pick your funny post apart!!! Poor fellow with no sense of humor!! hate to be them!! Cheers girl! it was funny! This one too! I love your ps and pps!!

  9. Isn't it amazing how some people choose to fill their time? Oh wait. Is being facetious another no-no around here?