and yet another fly-by blog....

so much to do in the next couple of days.  ugh....

hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend.   I'll have to read about your adventures soon. 

I went to Disneyland yesterday.  It was probably a bad idea considering my schedule this week, but it was too beautiful of day to stay home.   The park was pretty much empty..just the way we like it.

The line was short so we rode this fun little ride.  
Carrie couldn't remember ever riding it sad is that?!

I like the cheesy-ness of this one and the castle in the background.

Can't wait for this movie to come out!

It's just not Christmas until the castle is decorated.....


  1. I ALREADY SAW THE MOVIE!!!!!! AT THE ANIMATION STUDIO!!!!! I will post all about it tomorrow. And yes it is excellent, though personally there was not enough music, nor was it jazzy enough.... but other than that it was wonderful!

  2. Oh the castle looks lovely! We are supposed to go sometime while it's decorated--now I really wanna go!

    Love the pics on the rockets! :D

  3. Looks like it could be a really fun movie, from the previews. I know my niece wants to see it - she's a princess freak - so maybe I'll 'sneak in' via her.

  4. you don't have to sneak in to a disney movie. walk in proudly...they are for everyone... =D