focus focus focus....

my brain is all over the place this morning, so hold on tight.

1.  I'm not really sure why I'm having my car washed this morning but at least it will look nice for a few hours before the rain arrives.

2.  Hubby1 got up early and brought all the Christmas boxes to the front room for me.

3.  I'm thankful that I inherited my mom's packing skills.  If I hadn't, we'd have to build a new room for all the Christmas boxes.

4.  I don't really want to go to a wedding this afternoon.  I'm in the mood to deep clean the house and start decorating.

5.  So excited that it's supposed to be cool and rainy for the next few days.  I love baking when it's cold outside, so there will be lots of goodies coming out of the oven this week.

6.  Possibly going to Disneyland on the rain....we call them poncho days....and they are sooooo much fun!

7.  Anyone want a piano?

8.  Boy2 went to Disneyland yesterday with friends....I was jealous.

9.  My toes are FREEZING.

10.  Pumpkin pie and coffee is possibly the best breakfast .....even better than cold pizza and dr. pepper.

11.  Is it any wonder that I have to workout so much?

12.  Pretty sure the Steelers aren't going to be playing football in February this year.  sadness

13.  Why do I feel the need to number these lists?  I could use letters or even dots or stars.

14.  Firewood sales should be awesome this week....wooohoo!   Vacation money!!

15.  51 days til the cruise!!!!  

Have a fantastical weekend.


  1. I am coming to Disneyland in February!

  2. what kind of piano?

    We were going to go to Disneyland on Sunday if it rained, but now the rain has been pushed back to Monday, and I cannot go... sad.