finally friday15 -- the one where hubby is on a missions trip

time to wrap it up and toss it out, so the weekend can be enjoyed.

This week started with a bridal expo which resulted in several florists appointments.  One of them cancelled because they triple booked themselves at the expo.  We decided that if they can't keep a simple appointment calendar organized, we probably didn't want to hire them.

Hubby1 is in Mexico for the week doing construction projects with a church group.   I love that this group is men only and the men run it.  You can read more about it at  -- it's pretty neat.

Boy2 and his new roommate are planning on snowboarding every day until hubby1 returns.   

Girl1 and I picked up a small photoshoot for tomorrow so that'll be a little extra wedding money.   We are also finalizing the guest list, starting on the invitations, and working on reception decorations.   The budget is getting stretched pretty tight, so she's looking at getting a part-time job to help out.   good plan, girl1, good plan

I ran away to Disneyland for a few hours yesterday to take some pics for my new blog project (   Drove home with the top down...gotta love convertible weather in January.

Paying a couple bills and doing a quick cleaning of the house tomorrow morning and my weekend can start.  woohoo!!!!!   I'm betting there will be at least one gno before Monday.  

have a good one!

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