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I've decided to put together a Disney photo blog.  This blog will remain the same but you'll be directed to the Disney page for all things related to the happiest place on earth.  It just makes me anyways.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with starting a themed-blog. Probably because I like to have a plan and I'm not good at letting things just evolve. Currently I'm thinking something along the lines of documenting Disneyland throughout the year. In my happy place, I would take a series of pictures on the first of each month so you can see how the parks change throughout the year.

I also have a bunch of pics that my dad took in 1956. I really want to put together a "then and now" series. I'm also looking at the old Micky Mouse club and seeing if the different theme days would work somehow on this blog. So many choices...aaarrrrgggghhhhh.

it's over there:      feel free to stop by for a visit!

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  1. Well my friend, I'm going over right now. It's our place too. Can't do the tea cups or Dumbo though...barf!