how do you pay for a wedding?

tonight, I judged a talent competition which was interesting.  We took pictures also and sold a picture CD to the parents.  Made a little wedding money...never a bad thing.   Girl1 also booked her first wedding shoot....woohoo!    AND booked a birthday party.   At this rate, we will be able to feed everyone at the reception.

I'm also covering the wood deliveries while hubby1 is gone.  It's usually not a big deal...just a couple of buckets but there's a HUGE storm moving in and everyone is freaking out.   I can't drive truck/trailer so anyone wanting a full cord is out of luck.  But I did get a smaller order.. so i'll be throwing 1/2 cord in the morning....more wedding $$$.  

so much fun to see how everything is working out....girl1 will have a beautiful wedding with all the little touches that make it special and we will still have money in the bank.   =D

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  1. God is so faithful! Glad you are getting it all worked out!