Words with Friends

Girl1 BEGGED me to download this app to my phone so we could play.  (read that: Girl1 thinks she is smarter than her mom and wanted to show off by beating me at this stupid game).    Little did Girl1 know that my mom taught me to play Scrabble as soon as I learned to read and my mom did not believe in letting the kids win.  I play word games...and I play them well.

So I downloaded the game and invited Girl1 to play (her user name is zatetic1...feel free to go kick her butt too).  I won...she accused me of cheating.   So we played again....I won (by 200 points)....she accused me of cheating.

I haven't heard from her for a couple of hours.....sour grapes....

I played a game with some random player.   Picked really horrid letters.   She was kicking my butt. I finally drew a couple vowels (which come in handy when spelling...just saying).   I'm within 15 points of her and she quits.   What's with these people....just play the game!     

If you have an iphone/itouch, go download it....you'll LOVE it!!!!

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  1. I love, love scrabble! Hot damn, now I wish I had a fancier phone =)