iphone apps?

So...did any of you download "Words with Friends?"     Isn't it a blast?!!!!  

Girl1 is still accusing me of cheating and is refusing to play now.   I told her to finish the current game or I wouldn't do any more wedding stuff.   lol

I love my iphone.   I didn't think I would.   When girl1 bought hers, it looked so complicated that I pretty much decided that I would never get one.    But she was always showing me the cool new thing that she had downloaded and it sucked me in.   When the 3G came out, I  turned in the Blackberry and joined the iphone craze.   and I'm hooked.

I would never have believed all the incredible stuff you can do with a phone.   And hurray for the fuel tank so now I can charge the battery while on the go.

Do you have an iphone/itouch?  Any apps that you can't live without?   Please share....I'd hate to missing out on something.   =D

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