and then there was one

Yep....only one child is left in the nest and she's leaving on June 28th.   Beginning to think we overdid the "you can do anything"  Boy2 is on a plane headed to Alaska.  He's excited. I'm happy for him...but Alaska is far far away....

In case I haven't said it before, I HATE goodbye's.   hate.. hate... hate ..

AND I've gained 5 pounds which ticks me off.

AND I want to pig out on chocolate but am trying to control myself cuz I've gained 5 pounds.

AND I have too much to do this week, so I had to cancel a Disneyland date.

AND I have another dentist appointment today.

AND I have to go the grocery store (I swear I was just there). get the idea......

Don't call...I'm not picking up today....

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