finally friday 19 -- nothing exciting here

yep it's Friday.   the week has come and gone.  I've been crazy busy but don't really have anything exciting to share.   wasted alot of time trying to find a couple of flashdrives that I had last week but are now awol. 

went to the dentist..again.   there was a young man there with a couple of friends who were trying to convince the receptionist that he didn't need an xray..just some antibiotics and painkillers and he'd be fine.   i didn't get the feeling that he was going to get painkillers no matter what was wrong with his tooth.   The receptionist was telling him that it sounded like the infection was heading towards his brain and it would eventually kill him.   Then I got called to the back, so I couldn't hear the outcome.

tried to run away to Disneyland but was it just didn't work out.  maybe next week.

managed to go on a date with hubby1....always a good time.

the puppies are still cute.   the offspring are still doing fine.   wedding plans are moving along.    life is good.

have a fantastical weekend!


  1. Sounds like a perfectly normal, and fun week.

  2. Dentists don't give up the meds without cause! Sorry, kid. You gotta take the X-Ray!

    How did your appointment go?