where, oh where have I been?

not sure anyone's been losing sleep over the lack of updates in my corner of the world,  but I miss updating the blog.    It's been a crazy week.   A friend (who owns a theatre company) had her light tech quit right before dress rehearsals began, so I've been running the board for her shows this past weekend.  

We also shot the two productions that she is currently producing.   We've moved our business online, so we'll see how it works out.    Girl1 outdid herself with the pics....they are stinkin' fantastic!  

(These are my pics; hers are at http://saizphotography.zenfolio.com/)

A coworker/friend was in a major car accident on Saturday morning, so that's been weighing heavy on our hearts.

Mother's day was nice...movies and dinner with hubby1 and girl1.   messages from the boys (cuz I never answer my phone...lol)  We saw Iron Man 2 and the theater stopped the projection before the end of the credits.....do they not realize that there's a teaser at the end?  really?   girl1 took care of it.

worked hard yesterday and ran away to disneyland today.   park was EMPTY!  and the weather was PERFECT!  
just look at that view!  (from the Mickey and Friends parking structure) 

spent just a few hours there but it was just what i needed.   you can read more about it at the other blog.

that's about it.  memorial service, bridal shower and theatre stuff this weekend....should be interesting.

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