finally friday 21....the one where we start a wedding countdown

yep...let's be done with this last week and move on to the weekend.    not a week that I want to write home issues, grumpy people, stupid people, loads of passive-aggressive behavior, and just pretty much ICK!

things to do before the weekend can be enjoyed:
1.  pay the florist

2. pay the event insurance

3.  contact the caterer and set final numbers.....and pay her

4. ...see a theme here?

5.  call the lighting guy is all about the wedding.    16 days to go!  

in other news, yesterday I couldn't take the ickiness anymore so I ran away to Disneyland.   I was grumpy when I arrived, but God sent an angel in the form of a good friend and the day ended up being wonderful.  There will be pics over at the other blog as soon as I have a chance to sit down and sort them.   Lots happening at California Adventure with the World of Color opening this weekend.   Girl1 saw it last night at the premiere with all the celebrities (and, yes, I was jealous). 

All sorts of stars running around Disneyland all day...I'm so out of the loop that I couldn't tell you the names of most of them.   Jami Lee Curtis, the guy who played "jack" on "Lost,"  a couple of soap opera stars, several otheres that people were pointing and staring at....i was told that Johnny Depp had been spotted but we never saw him...and trust me, we to part with the rest of the wedding budget and enjoy the cool morning.   have a fantastical weekend!!!!


  1. Glad the ickies are over/gone and the weekend commencing! Good luck with wrapping up all those wedding details.

  2. WOW! Congratulations on your wedding! I'm late, I suppose, but early for the big day *grin*

    Hi! My name is Hannah. I'm a {almost graduated} high school senior.

    I LOVE the look of your blog...tres chic!

    I'm signing up to be a follower and am going to go check out your other blogs....

    Hope your weekend is better than your week was!
    Talk to you soon,

  3. Hey Jill---sorry you had an icky week. I can identify, had a few of those last month as well. *bighugs*

    I never see movie stars at Disneyland--what do they do there, just ride the rides or are they there to sign autographs or what? I don't really care about them much, but Allie would have loved to get "Jack's" autograph! We are LOST fans, so there ya have it. :)

    Hope the weekend is better for you, girl. :)

  4. just wanna appreciate layout of your blog, beautiful pink flowers and black border..just superb