how about a list?

1.    i'm still angry about the Halloween fireworks deal at Disneyland.   Not in a "dwelling on it continously" sort of way--just in a "when I think about it, it ticks me off" sort of way.

2.  stuff for the wedding needs to get done and I'm not really motivated to do it and this could cause some problems.  really need to just kick myself in the behind and make some phone calls.

3.  it's been uber hot in SoCal this week....please join us in praying that we get a beautiful in the mid-80's day on June 27th.    who's the idiot who planned an outdoor wedding in June?  

4.  hubby1 got popped for talking on his cellphone while driving last week.......twice......aarrrrrggggghhhhh

5.  the dilemna about bluetooth for him?  he's deaf in one ear...if he wears a bluetooth, he can't hear anything.   looking at other options.....

6.  sometimes i hate that my friends have discovered texting.....if you want to have a full conversation call me.  texting is for things like..."hey, i'm going to be 5 min. late"  "can you pick up milk on the way home" ...not "how are you" "what are you doing" "i'm sitting at the ____ and i'm to me"...gah!

7.  my garden is rockin' it this year....we're pulling 2-3 zucchini a day...remind me how excited i was about this in august when i start complaining about eating zucchini every meal....

8.  seeing Chorus Line's hard to believe that this is the first time I've seen a professionally staged production of it....

9.  tonight's show was supposed to be the touring production of "101 Dalmations:the Musical" but the tour closed, shocker.....

10.   it's also an election day here in California...which means that the stupid TV ads will finally stop....ptl!

11.  want to make sure i don't vote for you?   call me 20 times a day and tell me how great you are and how much your opponent sucks...seriously....i'll vote for your opponent just cuz you pissed me off

off to pay bills and try to find event insurance for the wedding (which is a total rip-off, but required for most venues now)...have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Oh, I'm with you on the election thing. All I know about Steve Poizner is that he doesn't like Meg Whitman very much. Other than that, I've got no clue what the guy stands for, but with a name that sounds like "Poison" he doesn't have much chance anyway.

  2. Looks like your plate's full. How about setting just a few hours tomorrow for handling those niggling details, then an immediate reward for self? :)

  3. Texting... I guess I'm just a miserable old grump, but I hate it under any circumstances. "Me! Me! Me!" in 140-character bursts. Hideous.

  4. LOVE your list! Sorry about dh's tickets--what a bummer. You're right, the heat has been awful. At least it's cool this morning, I was actually cold last night and had to close the window! How was Chorus Line? I'm envying your zucchini garden. Just envying it. Oh---but I think another lone zucchini seed has decided to sprout--woot! Yep yep yep on the election calls. Hate those.

    Have an awesome weekend, my friend!