finally friday 23 - the one that could easily become a book

I haven't done a Finally Friday for a long time....heck, i haven't done much blogging over here for a long time.  Sorry about that....I have managed to post fairly regularly over at That Disney Blog but I know many of you aren't Disney fanatics.  

so here's a brief recap of my life lately:

1.   Still working out ....walking/jogging (wogging) about 10 miles a week.   Times are improving.

2.  Still loving my job at the happiest place on earth.   I am no longer "land-locked" so I get to work in stores all over the park.   I like the variety but keeping up with all the costumes is a little intimidating.

3.  It's a photography and theatre week....the youth theater we work for is doing "Wizard of Oz."   Last night we took pictures of 69 cute little munchkins and one little kid that I wanted to kick over the freakin' rainbow.

4.  I'm still driving the volkswagen....they want to "revisit the issue this summer when temperatures are hot again"....whatever.   It's got 20,000 miles on it already and isn't going to be worth anything when they do finally take it back.  (cuz the sunroof still doesn't work and it's not gonna fix itself during the cool months)

5.   The kids seem to be enjoying their lives....

 Life is good here in Southern are things in your neck of the woods?


  1. Things are good here, he he....I mean, hey, I AM in SoCal, right?

    Planted some peas, radishes and carrots in the garden and they are doing really well, as well as the onion bulbs I put out last September. Can't wait for those! Other than the garden, I'm just plugging along, really.

    Glad to see you around, Jill. For a while there, I got lost underneath all of what the internet has been wanting me to read, listen to, etc., so much so that I hadn't a chance to read any of the blogs I really enjoy. You blogged just in time! :)

    Have a great day, my friend!

  2. #4 is my favourite :) Obviously because of that "one kid"! There's always one in the bunch!

  3. We are coming to an Irish dance competition held in Anaheim in November and can't wait to hit Disneyland! I show my daughter your photos when I can and she is very excited to go there!