how about an IQ test for customers?

We're contemplating having all potential customers answer a couple of questions before agreeing to maintain their property.  

question #1
When you receive an invoice in the mail, do you
a.  pay it promptly
b. file it in the "to be paid" folder
c. throw it away and hope to receive a second notice
d. write "addressee unknown" on the envelope and return it

question #2
When you have questions about your bill or service received, do you
a. do nothing for several months and then refuse to pay your bill because the service sucked 8 months ago
b. call the office but hang up if the answering machine picks up and then refuse to pay your bill because no one ever called you back
c.  call another landscaping company, have them mow your lawn and expect the first company to pay

my brain hurts.....


  1. WOW!
    Great tips on bill payment avasion.. Hahaha...

    No seriously, that stinks, pretty sad you have to do a credit check before you can accept a new client.

    Which is also why so many people are now only accepting Credit carsd now days.

    I would say you may need to start billing in advance, like cable.

  2. Well we bill in advance and we still get customers like this. I think I'm going to develop an IQ test for ours. Great post!