This week's "Huh?" award goes to....

message on answering machine:  "There's no way I owe you for February.  I mailed the check on March 9th.  I don't know what you did with it but I'm only paying for March."

conversation between confused client and me

Me:  "I have no record of having received that check.  Has it cleared the bank?"

CC:  "No...I've been checking online and it hasn't cleared yet.  But I mailed it on March should have it by now"

Me:  "I obviously didn't receive it.   Can you please reissue it?"

CC:  "That will cost me $20.   I will reissue it for $30 instead of $50"

Me:  " owe us $50 for services rendered in February.  You will need to reissue for the full amount"

CC:  "It's not my fault you didn't receive it.  I mailed it on March 9th.   I'll split the cost of the stop payment with you and reissue for $40"

(I'm pretty much dying at this point...seriously?)

Me:  "Noooo.....I have no proof that you actually mailed me a check.  If you have a receipt from the post office, I will split the cost with you.  Otherwise, you will need to convince the post office to pay for the stop payment and you will need to mail me a check for $50"


Me:  "I understand, but you owe me $50 and I have no way of knowing that a check has been mailed and lost.  Do you call the electric company if a check gets lost and ask them to credit you for the amount of the check?"

CC: "No...they are a big company and wouldn't do that....."

Me:  "We're a small company and we won't do that either....I'll expect your check for $50 by the end of the week..Thank you"

love my life.....


  1. Well, duh! What a dope! Good for you for standing your ground!

  2. Oh the things people try to get away with :)