finally friday...the one with the car update

it's been a couple weeks....and just in case anyone is still interested in my crazy corner of the world, here's a quick rundown on what's on my mind.

1.  trying to decide if i want to apply for full-time at work.  it would give us health insurance and some other cool benefits...but it makes it seem so much more like a "real" job instead of a fun place to get paid for playing.

2.  parenting is not always fun...even when the kids are adults...

3.  in May, I video taped my sunroof not responding; sent the video to my attorneys; they sent it the powers that be; those powers agreed to repurchase my car.    I sent in all the requested documentation of my expenses and have heard nothing....absolutely done with this whole saga.

4.  I've already chosen my new car....which really makes driving the current one less enjoyable.

5.  Note to pretty much everyone ...if you request information from someone and they email it to you, please send a confirmation of receipt.   If you choose not to confirm, don't get all pissy when you start receiving daily emails asking if you received the information.

6.  actual email received in response to my daily emails in #5...."in court but I got all your emails and we are working on resolution and will be in touch soon"    He can take time to write an email from court but his secretary can't write one from her desk at the office.

7.  My coffee is unusually tasty this morning....


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