my 10 least favorite things about being a parent.... least this morning. i'm sure on a different day, i'd come up with a different list. But this morning, this is what you get.

10. magic marker on everything BUT the paper

9. unsolicitated advice on how to raise them "right"

8. little boys who can hit everything BUT the toilet

7. junior high and all it's drama and squirreliness

6. the phone calls alerting us to the fact that, "i've been in an accident"

5. poopy diapers

4. the 50 required hours of parent-supervised behind the wheel training

3. the fact the they will walk past 3 bathrooms to stand by your bed and announce, "i feel *BARF* sick..."

2. hormones

and my least favorite thing (so far)....

1. waking up at 3:15 IN THE MORNING and discovering that 2/3 of the kids are not home yet

yea...i know that it's Halloween party season. yea....I know that there was a cast party. yea i know that you got off work at 11 and the show didn't end until 11, but REALLY? 3AM!? if the Sunday morning paper is on the driveway when you arrive home, you are out too late. pretty simple.

what are your least favorite moments?

tomorrow, i'll post about the good moments. i bet the list will be longer....cuz being a parent really is a fantastic job.

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  1. That's a great list!! My least favorite moments, (besides squeezing them out of the vajayjay).

    Letting them drive away in a car (or pickup) for the first time with a BOY!!!!


    The snide comments made to the sibbling which is justified by... "Well she was being stupid"