so...about that goober prize...

AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH! we decided to go ahead and shoot that job ( that we were concerned about. we knew it was going to be "interesting" but figured that "they're professionals; we're professionals...surely we can make it work."

we were supposed to shoot Wednesday and Thursday of this week. They called on Wednesday about 3 hours before the call time and cancelled for the evening. I think they missed the memo that we need between 2 and 3 hours for set up on the first night. Good thing we were running late or we would have already been on our way.

We did get the go-ahead for thursday. you need to understand that we have had several conversations explaining our expectations (no parents in the headshot area/no parents in the first 4 rows of the auditorium/no flash photography while we're shooting/etc...etc....etc). they kept saying "no problem. you're the professionals. we work around you." HA!

the parents rebelled and insisted that "the OTHER photographer let us sit closer AND use our flash" ...."the OTHER photographer let us take pictures of our kids when he finished their headshots"....."this is parent night--it's for the parents to take pictures"

our answer?...."maybe that's why you didn't like any of the pictures the OTHER photographer took" hmmmmmmmmm.. and "if it's your night to take pictures, why did you hire us?" soooooo confused...

our solution to them using flash in the auditorium? we took most of our pics from dead center, right in front of the stage and when we weren't there, we were actually on the stage trying to get closeups of the kids sitting farther upstage.

not the best working environment AND we get to go back on Wednesday.....JOY!

OH! did we mention the 75 young children involved? hehehe look closely a their faces....pretty much how we felt by the end of the evening.

it will interesting to see what kind of orders we get from this show. the producer kept talking about how we could make it better next time....i wonder if she meant for us or for the OTHER photographers.

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  1. Hi Jill,

    Thanks for stopping by! Nothing more frustrating than being hired for a job and then have obsticles to cope with.It makes things much nicer when things go smoothly. Your pictures are wonderful! I am not even close to being a professional photographer.