finally friday8 - the one where boy2 gets a mullet

yep it's time for my weekly wrap up so i can wrap my brain (guilt-free) around the weekend.

big news this week was definitely the mullet. ya'll saw it, right? just in case (and because i think he looks great even with the stupid hair cut), here it is again:

reason behind the mullet is here

other than the tribute to the 80's, not much going on. i spent most of the week in the garden. i'll be finishing up today but i have to go buy more seeds. the flowerbed was MUCH longer than i remembered and i have the sore, achy shoulder muscles to prove it. some day i'm going to get my rototiller fixed but until then, i get a great workout every spring.

saw Tayor Hicks in "Grease" on Tuesday. dinner was delicious and it was fun to catch up with some friends. yep.....that's about all I have to say about the current touring production.

bills are paid and house is reasonably clean, so i can pretty much start my weekend today. woohoo!

Disneyland next thursday with about 20 crazy friends. looking forward to it!!!!!

and don't forget this:

it's today....wear a sweater to honor the memory of Mr. Rogers.
details here:

Have a fantastical weekend!!!!


  1. Ahh, a guilt-free weekend. Let the fun begin!

  2. Awesome haircut!
    My kid2's going to be in DL on Friday, I think. Major Rah-rah convention. Depressed Anaheimites beware!

  3. Hey you never know he might bring back the mullet. The clothes always come back, why not the hair styles.

  4. I love Mr. Rogers forever. Have you read that book by Tim Madigan about him?

    You're kids are so hilarious and look like a heap of fun. They must have a fun mom?

  5. That's a fab mullet. Very old school.

  6. I agree--the mullet looks great. At least he can pull it off and still look decent (not many can!). Should be a smoothe 30 days, LOL!

    Are you REALLY gonna wear a sweater today? It's been WAYYY too hot to honor Mr. Rogers today!

    He he, I see you follow Cake Wrecks--me too! LOVE LOVE LOVE it when I need to just sit and veg out.

    Have an awesome time at Disneyland!