she picked orchids

On our first trip to looked floral arrangements for the wedding, girl1 was shown flowers and asked to pick the ones she liked.  She picked orchids...not just any orchid, but the 2 most expensive ones in the book.  gotta love her!

She was also told that she is too short to carry a full cascading bouquet but will have to do with something a little smaller so it doesn't overwhelm her.   lol

And we discovered that flowers are MUCH more expensive than we hoped.  We totally under-budgeted in this category.   BUT we did pick up a photo shoot for Friday that could help make up the difference.  And that's how God works and we are thankful that He knows the desires of our hearts and chooses to bless.

Then we came home and got serious about the guest list and that completely fell into order and we think we'll be able to put some people back on the "A" list.  Rating your friends is the worst part of this planning thing and we'll be glad to finalize the list and move on.


  1. The real flowers will be so worth it. I had silk flowers. Cheap but no one knew the difference. I still have them so that is a benefit, I guess.

  2. ooo! Those orchids are so pretty! I'm usually not an orchid girl, but those are so beautiful! My mom got my sister's flowers from Sam's club and they were the cheapest she found. We ordered the flowers and then assembled the boquets ourselves.