Continuing the iphone app theme

The first "just because" app that I downloaded was Pocket God.   My niece pretty  much demanded that I get it.   Girl1 agreed wholeheartedly.    There's no real point to Pocket become a god to a small island inhabited by 6 pygmies.   You can name them and send them to different parts of the islands.  You choose daytime or nighttime, sunny or stormy, dance or no dance, zombies or no zombies, monsters or no get the idea.   You're in are god.

But the real fun of Pocket God is torturing the pygmies. You pick them up, drop them, feed them to sharks, or throw them in the water. Flick them into the volcano and watch what happens.   Turn them into zombies and the make them dance as only zombies can.

No real point to the game....but oh so much fun!

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  1. This is the first thing I've ever heard of that makes me want to own a cell phone :-)