could it be? Yes! A List!

I survived my first peak season at D*****l*** and loved almost every minute of it.  Here's some things I learned:

1.   The parks have their own language.  Actually, it's more like a bunch of letters that they season conversations with.  I think it's a test to see if you will ask what things mean or if you are a "nod and smile" type person.  

2.  Newbies work the closing shifts.   I saw daylight once in the past 6 weeks.   The majority of my shifts started around 8pm and ended at 2:45am.   Except for that one lovely NYE shift that ended at 4am.  Tack on my hour plus commute and you can imagine how sleep deprived I am at the moment.

3.  You are actually expected to show up for your shifts....on time....and in the correct costume.   I didn't have a problem with this but several of the newbies were offended when they were spoken to about showing up late.   Go figure.

4.  It's not really a good idea to tell your boss that you don't want to fold the sweatshirts again.   Or to stand around talking when the manager is on the floor and your tasks aren't complete.   Yep....a couple of the other newbies have some interesting work ethics.

5.  It's a magical place to work.   Being there almost daily for 6 weeks just made me love it more.  (I'll be there tomorrow as a

6.  I don't really want to work full time....20-25 hours a week is just about perfect.

7.  Schools should have mandatory classes on dressing for interviews and proper work ethics.   e.g.  Tan leggings stretched to their limit with a black thong showing thru the fabric, knee high boots and a short tshirt does not make the best interview outfit.  And, yes, I know they said professional attire but I don't think you understood what profession they meant.   

8.  No one cares if your parent has worked there for 10 years.    They do care if you will all....

9.  If you don't show up for a shift and you don't bother to call in, you will be terminated.   No questions asked.   I liked this rule....and I liked it even more when they actually let 3 people go.

10.  Give a child a piece of bubblewrap and they forget all about the candy they wanted.    This makes you a hero with both the kid and their parents.  

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